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BBC News: Interactive Map on Urban Growth
Fascinating interactive world map that shows the location of cities with over 5 million population from 1955 to 2015.

Global Cities Exhibit--Tate Modern (London) 2007
Terrific web exhibit integrates text, images, movies on key global cities and urban concepts.


BBC News: Quiz on the World's Cities
Test your urban knowledge with this short quiz!


" is the world's largest free-to-use website about buildings. Professionals and people with an interest in structures can find buildings, developments, and photos in more than 60,000 cities worldwide."   Here you can find a list of the 200 tallest skyscrapers, and also look up the tall buildings in individual cities around the world.


2008 Global Cities Index (Foreign Policy magazine)

A recent study offers a ranking of the top 60 global cities, according to a set of criteria (from a business perspective) that is also laid out on this web site.  Lists 19 "biggest boomtown" megacites of over 10 million. There's an interesting map of global cities (can zoom in)

Business Week did a story on this Global Cities Index, and it's got a nice slide show of scenes from the top cities.


UN-HABITAT for a Better Urban Future

It's mission:  to promote socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements development and the achievement of adequate shelter for all.


Understanding Slums: Case Studies for the Global Report on Human Settlements    Development Planning Unit, University College London

Global City Migration Map
The excellent Migration Policy Institute offers a set of mappings and data for cities around the world with a high percentage or number of foreign born residents. There are maps and also you can look up individual cities.

This draws on data from GUM (Globalization, Urbanization, and Migration) , a project of George Washington University Center for the Study of Globalization. Here you can choose a country and it will give you the migration data for several decades, and you can often click on the major cities and get a detailed chart. USEFUL FOR IDENTIFYING WHEN FOREIGN MIGRATION IS A FACTOR IN URBAN GROWTH, AND FROM WHERE MIGRANTS ARE COMING
Great resource for finding major cities. Can view the listings by world region, country or cities, as well as sort by population size, by number of skyscrapers,  etc. The list contains 380 cities with over 1 million population (Phoenix is number 250!), and 33 cities with over 5 million population.

Wikipedia on Global Cities


World Trade Center Association
Highlight includes maps that let you find World Trade Centers all over the world (existing and planned).

Traveler IQ Challenge
Practice your geographical knowledge with this free online game--the main task is to identify where cities and famous places are on a map of the world.


Globalization and World Cities Research Network
"Centred in the Geography Department at Loughborough University, this research network focuses upon the relations  between world cities.


TED: Hans Rosling: Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seen
20 min video showing animated statistics--quite amazing!